How to lookup Names with Spelling Errors (All kinds of spelling differences, Approximate Match)

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How to lookup and have an exact match between two columns where the spellings are different with all kinds of spelling mistakes, spaces and characters? In this video, I will show how you can use Excel fuzzy lookup tool to solve this time consuming problem.

Here is the Link to download the Excel Add-in called Fuzzy Lookup:

Often you find yourself comparing two reports or data sets where the names or text strings are similar but do not match exactly. As a human, you can tell that they are the same, but you cannot look up data using the exact match features of Vlookup or Xlookup. In this case, the Fuzzy lookup tool comes in handy. In this video, I show you how to install and use the Add-in to lookup Company names, or Customer Names from two separate data sources, so that you dont have to spend time manually finding the names and then copying and pasting the values from one table to the other.

I have used this method when trying to compare sales reports from two different sources which have the customer names, one report has the freight costs by customer and the other report has the sales by customer. When I try to bring the two together by using a vlookup or an Xlookup, I am unable to do that because the names do not exactly match. In addition, the differences in spelling do not follow a set pattern, so I cannot even use wildcard matches or be creative about using additional Excel formulae to help with the lookup. In this case technology becomes really useful. My recommendation is to use the Fuzzy lookup tool or add-in which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and installed in Excel. This is such a time saver. I will show in the video the setup of the tables to use the fuzzy logic add-in as well as the use of the “Similarity threshold” to help lookup majority of the company names in the example. By the way, the sample data includes Revenues and Net Profits for 25 of US top Fortune 500 companies by revenue. You can also download the sample Excel from the link provided. Hope this video helps!



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