Accounting and Finance Training

Here are our accounting and finance training videos…

Make sure you view and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the link LearnAccountingFinance. You will be able to see helpful video tutorials on accounting, finance and Microsoft Excel that make accounting and finance easy and fun to learn. You can also reach us on Instagram at

Course: If you would like to learn in detail, how to calculate sales variances and the impact they have on sales $, profit $ and profit margin %, and how to explain performance vs budget and prior periods, click on the link for a detailed video course (at a special price). You will also learn how to analyse and present the results of the variances to management and will be able to download solved variance calculation Excel templates.

1. YouTube Video:

How to find selling price with cost and profit margin only

2. YouTube Video:

Create Waterfall Chart, Auto update Bar Colour and Data labels, Advanced Tutorial

3. YouTube Video:

How to create a Dynamic chart with Excel drop down list

4. YouTube Video:

Dynamic Dependent drop down list in Excel

5. YouTube Video:

Purchase Price Variance and Exchange rate variance

6. YouTube Video:

Working with Pivot Tables

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