Quick guide Automate your daily reporting using Excel Pivot Tables

Learn how to completely automate (100%) your reports with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and some simple tweaks/tricks. If you prepare frequent reports, such as daily sales, or daily margin report, you do not have to create and update the reports every day at all. You do not even need advanced business intelligence tools. You can keep it simple, and nice and easy by automating you existing Pivot Table.

Download the file here:

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For fully automated reporting using a Pivot Table, you need a few things to be automated within the Pivot Table: 1) Pivot Table Data Range (to expand or shrink with changes in Source Data) 2) Calculations within the Pivot Table (such as calculation of Gross profit and profit Margin) 3) The Sorting Order for data in the Pivot Table 4) Pivot Table format to stay consistent with changes in source data 5) The Pivot Table should be able to Auto Refresh when new data is updated. This video covers all of these topics, while we work together with source data in the file provided.

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  1. I receive a “Reference isnt valid” error when i attempt to change the table range to the “Data1”.

    any suggestions?


    1. Hi Stephen. Please check the offset formula is entered correctly with counta for colums and rows. The columns and rows selected should reflect the first column and row where data begins. Also when defining the name, check that the scope is “workbook” and not any specific sheet. Thanks.


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