6 Advanced Pivot Table tricks for Financial Analysis and Reporting


Click here to download the Excel sample data file so that you can practice along with me. https://learnaccountingfinance.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/advanced-pivot-tables-sample-data-learn-accounting-finance-1.xlsx

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Microsoft Excel pivot tables are a great tool for simplifying data analysis and reporting. It pays off to learn these advanced pivot table tips and tricks as it can save you hours in time, and also increases your accuracy. The advanced pivot table tips and tricks are a must know for everyone involved in analyzing data or creating and presenting reports. Here are the tips and tricks that are shared in this video…

  1. Apply custom filter using Grouping

2. Grouping to create Data Range or buckets

3. Grouping Dates using Pivot tables

4. Creating Pivot table calculated fields

5. Combining and analyzing two reports in different formats

6. Pivot table slicers and slicer connections

We will start with the powerful grouping function available with the pivot tables. We will look at different examples of grouping, including custom grouping when you want to create a new group that is not available in the source data. After creating custom grouping, you will be able analyze data at the new group level which is extremely useful.

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