Quick Accounting Crash Course

Here is a list of videos that I recommend you watch in sequence to gain a quick basic understanding of Accounting. This should give you enough information to understand what is accounting? the accounting principles, rules of debit and credit and how to create financial statements such as 1) Income statement, 2) balance sheet, and 3) Cash flow statements.

  1. What is Accounting … https://youtu.be/sLGq3z8_xZY
  2. What are assets …https://youtu.be/DCU3P_572_U
  3. Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards … https://youtu.be/WbZVNS6AUJA
  4. Definition and Types of Assets … https://youtu.be/igrmTYeJXFM
  5. Asset types and what are current assets … https://youtu.be/60WJ4r_mOIg
  6. Non-current and Intangible Assets … https://youtu.be/d23bMnpx4do
  7. What are Liabilities … https://youtu.be/-NTfNhP0LHE
  8. Non-current liabilities explained … https://youtu.be/0vgjxmSfFPQ
  9. Income and Expenses explained … https://youtu.be/9n4veabgKTU
  10. What is Equity and the Balance sheet equation … https://youtu.be/b_f7JsSnLOw
  11. Accounting principles Part 1 … https://youtu.be/j-NL3K4e6iA
  12. Accounting principles Part 2 … https://youtu.be/te8Nz3K-gv8
  13. Accounting Entry practice – Part 1 (Applying the rules of debit and credit) … https://youtu.be/d9AL2PVM8gU
  14. Accounting Entry practice – Part 2 (Applying the rules of debit and credit) … https://youtu.be/BX-o6DHiVYg
  15. Flow of Journal Entries (Accounting Entries) … https://youtu.be/DTdAIRPeJHs
  16. How to create Balance Sheet from Trial Balance … https://youtu.be/IwTzIGE_jdI
  17. How to create Income Statement from Trial Balance … https://youtu.be/GBkYZJ5fvEM
  18. How to create Cash flow statement from Balance Sheet and Income Statement … https://youtu.be/aXN97_d_IEY

Sit back and enjoy the course! Let me know if you would like to know more, or something is not clear enough.




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